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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Provider - Redding

Medical Resource Group, Inc.
Redding, California, United States (on-site)
4 days ago


MRG Exams West, a wholly owned subsidiary of MRG Exams, a leader and premier service provider of independent medical examinations is looking for a PRN (1 day a month or 2 half days every other week) Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Provider to perform medical assessments on United States Veterans as part of the VA's disability benefits process.

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Provider will be responsible for reviewing medical health records through a secure Web Portal and performing a comprehensive assessment on each veteran.

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Provider will also complete a Disability Benefit Questionnaires (DBQ's) through the Web Portal. DBQ's are condition specific forms created by the VA. Through the DBQ's, the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Provider will document exam findings needed by the VA.

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Provider will NOT make disability determinations, the VA makes all disability determinations.

This is NOT a treating role. This position only provides assessments.

Theis position pays between $1200-1400 per day.

This position will review and assess 3 Veteran per day on average when scheduled.



MRG Exams West is looking for PM&R physicians who are:

  • Interested in performing Independent Medical Assessments vs. traditional patient care & treatment.
  • Independent medical assessments = Medical Fact Finding & Investigative role.
  • Willing to spend at least 50% of their day reviewing medical records and electronic documenting of exam findings.
  • Proficient at finding key data points within large electronic medical records.
  • Able to analyze data from the medical records and exam findings to complete the DBQ's and form medical opinions.
  • Typing skills are essential.
  • Skilled at time management, able to stay on task and meet requirements.
  • Completed DBQ's must be submitted within 24 hours after an exam.
  • Interested in serving Veterans in their community.

Required to do the job:

  • Must hold a current license in California as a Physiatrist.
  • Responsible for maintaining continuing education per license requirements.
  • Must be able to analyze both health history data and physical examination data to form medical opinions.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Job Information

  • Job ID: 68507689
  • Workplace Type: On-Site
  • Location:
    Redding, California, United States
  • Company Name For Job: Medical Resource Group, Inc.
  • Position Title: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Provider - Redding
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